We offer a variety of concert programs. They are all about 60-90 mins in length, including a short intermission. We can also give you a list of repertoire, so you can select the music you want to tailor your event.



Imagine you are at a recital featuring your favorite classical pianist. She takes the stage and begins a soft soaring melody. You are transported to musical heaven! But then...your neighbour pulls out a couple cough candies and begins.....very slowly..... unwrapping them for himself and his coughing compadre. What do you do? Is it rude to shush them?  Miss Manners on Music is a song cycle written for mezzo soprano and piano, in which these questions are answered. Miss Manners gives hilariously good advice related to etiquette at the concert hall, the ballet and the opera, to name a few.

After a short intermission, join us at the Cabaret, where we will ponder all the ways to find love. From the truth about love, to crushing on your local barista, and even a wild woman named Jenny. We take you on a very fun adventure through love's wild twists and turns.



This is 'volume one' of Classical Gems. Be prepared for a wonderful journey through the joys and pains of life, birth, motherhood and nature. We promise you will leave with your heart filled with song and your belly filled with laughter! Song repertoire by Schubert, Schumann, Britten and Gershwin.



Looking for entertainment at your annual Christmas party or gala? We will perform all the holiday favorites you love! Get ready for your heart to grow three sizes bigger like the old Grinch's did. We can arrange a sing-along of carols that will be fun and frolicking.